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Barcode Batch Splitting


Note: This feature requires the Zetadocs OCR Engine.


Zetadocs can detect barcodes on batches of documents and can use these to split the batch as required. To adjust your batch splitting settings it is recommended that you get your system administrator  to modify the Config.xml file which controls it, this is located in the Zetadocs Server installation folder usually C:\Program Files\Zetadocs Server\Document Converter. Please see the Zetadocs Installation Guide.


Batch Splitting Options:

Off - The default value, the Zetadocs Server doesn’t process any batches present in the Batch Split folder of your document queue.

Barcode - The Zetadocs Server splits the batches on every page that contains a barcode.

BarcodeValue - The Zetadocs Server splits the batches every time the barcode being read has a different value.

PageInterval - Zetadocs Server splits the batches using an interval defined by the BatchScanPageInterval parameter, e.g. every 3 pages.

Delete on split page - The Zetadocs Server deletes any page with a barcode on which is used to split the batch. This is often used by companies manually adding splitter pages to batches.


Zetadocs also has the capacity to provide a range of automation features based on barcode processing of batches, these are specific to each system and should have been detailed when the system was configured,  see the Zetadocs SDK Guide for more details.