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Barcode Recognition


Note: This feature requires the Zetadocs OCR Engine.


Zetadocs has the ability to add barcodes to and read barcodes from documents so as to speed document processing and automatically link documents together.





In this example we will look at a scenario where a company needs to send Shipping notes with its products, these are then signed and returned. We will look at how Zetadocs can streamline this process by including barcodes which are recognized when scanning documents back into the system.


  1. When delivering a package we print out a Shipment note from Business Central to identify the goods in the delivery.
  2. When done using a Shipment Report modified to include the Zetadocs Barcode functionality a barcode is generated and added to the printed report.
  3. This is then distributed with the goods and is signed upon receipt of the goods by the customer.
  4. On receiving the signed shipping note back it is scanned into the Zetadocs Shipment Document folder where it is processed by the Zetadocs server and converted into pdf/a format, it is also OCR'd which reads the barcode.
  5. Zetadocs then recognizes the signed Shipping note, it is then archived and linked to the original shipping note record in Business Central, this enables it to be tracked across the delivery process in your archive.
  6. As we have a confirmed receipt of goods from the customer in the document queue this can be used to generate and send out the corresponding invoice from the document queue.