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Method ZfLib.ZfAPI.Logon



Function Logon( ByVal bszUserName As String, ByVal fExclusive As Boolean ) As ZfLib.UserSession


The Logon method logs on a user and returns the UserSession object.





The Zetafax User account



Exclusive Logon flag


Return Value


The returned UserSession  object




A successful call to this method is required to retrieve a UserSession  object which allows access to all the other objects in ZfLib library. The method may be called more than once by the program if it wishes to logon more than one user. The fExclusive Boolean flag is set to FALSE if the specified user is permitted to be logged on elsewhere (either on a normal Zetafax client, or in another API program).


See Also

ZfAPI.LogonAnonymous , UserSession , UserSession.Logoff