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Installing the API



The Zetafax API offers five methods of automatically submitting messages to the Zetafax server, the automatic submission program, embedded addressing, DDE and the COM and C language libraries which are all independent. This section explains how each feature is installed on your system. You should refer to the appropriate section once you have decided which method you intend to use.


Licensing of the API depends on which API product you have purchased. For users of Zetafax network fax software, please refer to the section entitled "Zetafax API Toolkit", and for Equisys (Independent Software Vendor) ISV partners, please refer to section entitled "Zetafax engine".


Zetafax API Toolkit

If Zetafax is currently up and running on your network, then the automatic submission, embedded addressing and DDE features of the Zetafax API are already installed! You only need to activate these features by adding the API toolkit license number in the modify license details dialog in the Zetafax Configuration  program.




Fax engine

If Zetafax has been supplied to you as an Equisys (Independent Software Vendor) ISV partner, there is no need to add a separate API license as described above. The Zetafax fax engine products supplied to ISV partners include the API license as standard within the starter system license number.



The ZSUBMIT program is distributed with the Zetafax server programs, and is stored in the same directory as the other programs (zfax \SERVER by default, where zfax  is the server base directory specified when Zetafax was installed).


Embedded addressing

Embedded addressing requires the Zetafax printer driver to be installed on all of the Zetafax clients wishing to use this feature. The Zetafax printer driver is installed by running the Workstation Setup  program (WKSETUP) - refer to the Installation and Configuration Guide  for detailed instructions on using this program. There is limited support for embedded addressing available without the API, and the full functionality is provided when the API toolkit has been purchased.



Support for Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE) is built in to the Zetafax client software. As for embedded addressing, there is limited support for DDE in the standard Zetafax software. Full support is available only when the API toolkit has been purchased.


C language API

The C language libraries and 32-bit dynamic link library are provided separately in a self-extracting executable. The appropriate libraries need to be copied into your development environment and if used, the DLL needs to be copied to the relevant location. Please refer to C language API for more detailed information.

Programs written using the Zetafax C language API may only be run on Zetafax systems with an API license.



Like all COM components ZfAPI32.dll must be registered before it can be used. This is done using the program regsvr32 as follows:


1. Ensure the program regsvr32 is present in the same location as the ZFAPI32.dll file.


Installing the API_clip_image002


2. In a DOS window, set to this directory, use the following command to run the registration program:

Run %system32%\regsvr32 ZfAPI32.dll.


3. A dialog box should appear confirming that the registration was successful.


Installing the API_clip_image004


Note: If you have installed the Zetafax client onto your development computer, the COM API is installed and registered automatically. It is installed by default to C:\Program Files\Common Files\Equisys.


Installing the API_clip_image006