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Sending documents as a batch

Note: Batch automation is only available if you have purchased an automation licence.


Using this tutorial you will be shown how to create a mailmerge template that you can then use with Zetadocs to send out a personalised PDF to a group of your clients.  Using some of the documents created on installation we will:


 a)   Create a Mail Merge template

 b)   Merge the document

 c)   Send the documents as a batch



Step 1: Browse to Program Files/Zetadocs PDF/Samples on your C drive and open Sample1.doc.


Step 2: Select the Mailings tab.


Step 3: Select a data source (Select Recipients > Use Existing List..).


Step 4: Browse to Program Files/Zetadocs pdf/Samples/MailMerge.xls and select sheet1.


Step 5: Add the following to the top of your document:





%%[email: XXXXXXX]




%%[subject: Support contracts due for renewal]




Step 6: Replace the XXXXXXX with the appropriate mail merge field using Insert Merge Field on the ribbon.




Step 7: Add the following at the bottom of the first page:




This will let Zetadocs know that the first page is designed to be part of the email body. For more information on the embedded commands, please click here.


Step 8: If you want to add stationery to your document, follow these instructions, otherwise go to step 10. Open Zetadocs, and select any stationery you wish to add from the accessories pane.


Step 9: Right click your mouse, and select Copy Automation Command from the drop down menu.


Step 10: Return to Word, and paste the command between the subject and the exclude page lines:


For Example:


%%[subject: Support contracts due for renewal]

%%[stationery:C:\Documents and Settings\eboal\Local Settings\Application Data\Equisys\Zetadocs PDF\Equisys Letterhead A4.zds]



Step 10: Merge your document by clicking Finish & Merge > Edit individual Documents or pressing ALT+Shift+N.


Step 11: Print your new document to Zetadocs to send it.



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