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How to set faxing options



Faxing options allow you to set options for the document you have selected to send out via fax.  To access the faxing options, select the Options... button from the addressing screen.



The following options can be specified:





Using the Coversheet drop down list, you can access coversheets that are available on your Zetafax server and add them to your fax message.  Having selected the coversheet:


Any text you have added to the Message body will be added to your coversheet's Notes field.

Any text added to the Subject field will be added to the Subject field.

The From field will use the information present in the User information tab of the main Zetadocs PDF options pane.


Note: You are also able to specify the From field from an embedded command. This value will override all the other values. So the priority of the From value is:

Embedded command

User information from main options

Default options set up in Zetafax



In addition to being able to select in the Accessories window "Zetafax" from the Folder drop-down and "Stationery" from the Type drop-down, you can also select a letterhead from the fax options dialog.


Using the Letterhead drop down, you can access all the available letterheads from Zetafax.


Charge code

If you have an individual or departmental charge codes set upi on the Zetafax server, you will need to add this code in the box provided in order to allow your fax to be sent correctly.  


Hold for preview

This tick box allows you to preview your fax within the Zetafax Client before sending it to your list of recipients.



These options allow you to choose the resolution of the file that is going to be sent by fax:

Draft – low quality fax output (Standard mode 100/200 dpi)

Normal – the standard fax formal (depends on the system configuration)

High – High quality fax output (Fine mode 200x200 dpi)



These options allow you to set the urgency of your fax to:

Normal - Queues the fax at the server to be sent in the order the server receives them

Urgent – Sends the fax to the front of the server queue

Background – Queues the fax at the server to be sent only when there are no other faxes waiting