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How to send a document via fax



If you have the Zetafax client installed on your computer, it is possible to send out documents created within the Zetadocs client as fax attachments.


To do this:


Step 1: On the addressing dialog you will notice there is a fax addressing line. To add your fax address you can either:


Step 2: Add your fax address by hand using the following format:

recipient_name@recipient_company@fax_number - for example: Jim Jones@Jones Construction@555 456 6666


Or Add your fax address using the fax addressing wizard


Step 3: Enter the name of the person you wish to send a fax to, their company name and their fax number into the boxes provided and click Add to list.


Step 4: Select OK when you are ready to return to your message.


Step 5: Select the Fax Options button to choose your coversheet, letterhead and sending options.

Note: Any fax options will only be applied to messages sent to fax recipients.  


Step 6: Include any text that you wish to be displayed on your coversheet in the message body.


Step 7: You can view the appearance of your fax at any time by selecting the Fax Preview button on the Zetadocs toolbar.


Step 8: When you are happy with your fax message, click Send to send your message.