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How to add a scanned document  

If you have a scanner attached to your computer, you can scan paper documents directly to the Zetadocs client.


To do this:


Step 1:        Use the Scan button available in the client, which is available from either from the Zetadocs toolbar, or the file menu:



Scan button on main toolbar

Scan button on main toolbar



Step 2: If a scanner has been detected, your scanning software will start automatically enabling you to configure your default scanning preferences:


An example of scanning software options

An example of scanning software options



If more than one scanner is detected, all scanners will be displayed in a list to allow you to select the most suitable:


Multiple scanners being displayed


Step 3:        Use your scanning software to capture the scanned image.


Step 4:        Close your scanning application widow


Your document will appear in the document explorer window allowing you to add attachments, stationery and templates to your scanned document before sending.