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Registering from a different PC

In the event of your Zetadocs PDF system being installed on a non web enabled PC you be required to perform your registration by manually visiting our online registration web page.


To do this please follow these steps:


Step 1:On your web enabled PC open a web browser and go to http://www.equisys.com/products/OnlineRegistration.html


Step 2:Click on the link which is relevant for your registration. For example, if you are registering an Evaluation copy of Zetadocs, click Zetadocs PDF Evaluation Registration.


Step 3:Next fill in the Online Registration form, make sure to fill all the required fields including Starter licence and add-on licenses where prompted.


Step 4:Ensure that you carefully enter your Company name as this cannot be changed without re-registering and must be entered exactly as submitted here in the Zetadocs Configuration program on the Licensing and Registration tab.


Step 5:Click Submit.


Step 6:You will be emailed you registration confirmation email within a few minutes. This will include the registration code.


Step 7:Now on your Zetadocs PDF installation PC start the Zetadocs PDF Configuration program and go to the Licensing and Registration tab.


Step 8:Enter you Starter licence and add-on licenses as described here. Note: You will be prompted to register your changes after each license you add. Cancel all of these.
Step 9:Once you have entered all licenses, enter your company name exactly as it is in the registration email you have received, in the Company Name text box.


Step 10: Click OK. Zetadocs will now attempt to connect to the online registration page which should fail.  


Step 11: Click the Set button for Registration Code.


Step 12: On the displayed dialog enter the registration code exactly as on the registration email you received and click OK.


You should now have successfully registered your Zetadocs PDF system.