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PDF security

The PDF security tab allows you to specify whether you wish to use security settings on your PDF.


Open password

This option locks your document, so that only people who know the password may open the document and read it.


To set a password simply tick the 'Require a password to open the document' check box and enter your desired password  in the Document open password text box.




The following options allow you to change the security settings of your PDF restricting different types of activity.


PDF printing

If this set to not allowed, documents can be viewed on the desktop, but no printed copies can be made.


PDF modification:

If this is set to allowed, the PDF can be modified by a recipient using a PDF editor.


PDF content copying:

If this is set to allowed, text within your created PDF can be highlighted and copied into other documents by the recipient of your message.


Adding/editing of notes:

If this is set to allowed, the recipient can add and edit notes within your PDF file if they have suitable software installed on their machine.


Permissions password

By providing a password to unlock these features, you can control the level of access given to the PDF document, if this is left blank, all options are permanently locked.



Digital Certificate

The Digitally Sign All PDFs option allows you to determine whether Zetadocs will sign PDFs using the provided settings. This enables you to confirm the integrity of each document to the recipient.



The Digital Certificate Settings dialog allows you to specify the details of the certificate to be used when digitally signing documents.

The settings are:

Certificate - Allows you to specify the location of the signing certificate to be used.

Password - The password to be used, if one is required, to use your certificate.

Use Timestamp Server - This checkbox instructs Zetadocs to use the Timestamp server specified in the Server URL field.

oServer URL - The address of the trusted third party who will provide the timestamp for your digital signing.

This server requires me to login - Some Timestamp servers require you to login in to establish a connection. This checkbox instructs Zetadocs to submit the credentials provided in the username and password fields to the Timestamp server when requesting a timestamp.