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Example uses of dynamic fields

Adding dynamic fields to your Zetadocs PDF templates can deliver impressive results with both the personalization of the PDF document itself and the accompanying email.  



An original document containing the following commands:


%%[field: salutation, Harry]

%%[field: company, Widgets Inc.]

%%[field: quote_number, 1234]

%%[field: myname, Sam]

%%[Outputfilename: Quotation %%[quote_number] for %%[company]]


Document Template

When merged to a document template containing the following text:


Dear %%[salutation, Sir/Madam]

I'm pleased to attach your quotation as discussed along with our conditions of sale and product brochure. 

Our quotation number for your reference is %%[quote_number], please include this on your sales order.




Expected Output

Zetadocs creates a PDF file called:


Quotation 1234 for Widgets Inc.pdf


Zetadocs creates the following email message body:


Dear Harry

I'm pleased to attach your quotation as discussed along with our conditions of sale and product brochure. 

Our quotation number for your reference is 1234, please include this on your sales order.