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What are document classes?

When documents are archived into a 3rd party system it is often useful to provide a classification for the document for example: in the business area Accounts Payable, Invoice and Statement are examples of document types. To support integration with this type of 3rd party system, Zetadocs PDF supports the use of document types.


Document types can be set using an embedded addressing command:


%%[DocType: «document type»]


Where document type is any alphanumeric string (excluding the characters \, /, * or ?).


If a document type has been set by embedded addressing and the Archive To option is set to Single Folder the following occurs on archiving:

The PDF and metadata file will be archived to \«archive folder root»\«document type»\

If the «document type» subfolder does not exist it will be created.


If a document does not have a type set, the file is archived in the root archive folder.