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Addressing Commands

If you wish to add set email addresses, subject lines or accessorize your template these can also be added to your template document.

If you have a licence for Automation, please see automation commands for more Delivery Options.



To add email addresses to a file use the command:








Where «Email_address» can either be set up as a mail merge field for multiple sending, or changed to a set address if you do not wish to use mail merge. You can add multiple addresses by separating each address with a semicolon for example:


%%[email: example1@test.com; example2@test.com]


Email From

To specify an alternate email address to appear in the from section use the command:




This enables sales representatives for example to send emails from a generic sales@example.com address instead of their personal account.

If using Outlook you must have permissions to send from the account.

If you use SMTP then you may stipulate any address you require.



If you have Zetafax installed on your server, and the Zetafax Outlook extensions setup, you can also send your PDF document as a fax message.


To add a Fax number to a file, use the command:


%%[Fax: «number», «name», «company»]


Where  «number» is the fax number you wish to send your fax to, «name» is the name of the fax recipient, and «company» is the company name you wish to send your fax to.   Like the email address command, you can set this up to merge your fax numbers or enter individual numbers.


For example:


%%[Fax: 555 453 4545, Sam Smith, Widgets Inc.]




To print a copy of your PDF, use the command:


%%[Print: «printer name or path»]


Where «printer name or path»  is the specified printer name from the printers list or the path to a printer with a specific UNC path name on the network.


Multiple delivery options

If you have a mail merge source, with several delivery options, you can set your mail merge template to deliver your messages in different ways for different recipients.  This is done using the command:


%%[DeliveryOption: «value»]


Where «value» is set up via mail merge to be one of the following options:





Document will be sent via email.




Document will be sent via fax.




Document will be printed.



Email your document and print a copy.




Email and Fax your document.




Fax your document and print a copy.