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How do I add embedded commands to my document?

Embedded commands are pieces of information that can be processed by Zetadocs PDF if they are included in your document.


Documents can be automatically sent directly from the program you are working in by adding Embedded commands to your document. By using the Word add-in, users can quickly create documents that can be sent to the Zetadocs PDF printer and sent. The embedded commands that can be used by Zetadocs PDF can be found on the Insert ribbon.  These allow you to add stationery, and attachments directly from Word or Excel.  In addition you can add sending and storage information allowing your document to be sent directly from Excel and Word.


The Embedded Commands specific Zetadocs PDF have been added to 3 different drop down galleries within the Zetadocs group.  In addition, a subset of the Zetafax commands can be used if you need to send your document to a fax recipient using the Zetadocs PDF client (these shared commands are marked by a shared icon ()).


Step 1: Choose the embedded command you wish to add to your document from the Zetadocs Gallery.


Step 2: If required, modify the command to replace any information enclosed in brackets « and ».


For example:


%%[email: «email address»]


Should be modified to:


%%[email: ssmith@smithandsons.com]


Step 3: When you have added all the embedded commands you require, and your document is complete, send your document to the Zetadocs PDF using the Send to Zetadocs PDF button.