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ACT! Database Option Commands

Adding history item to ACT! contact

The following command instructs Zetadocs PDF to store a history item to a contact in the ACT! database. This will happen just after Zetadocs PDF sends the email to the contact.


%%[ActContactHistory: «your company», «contact name», «contact email»]


Where «your company», «contact name» and «contact email» are replaced by ACT! fields as follows:


«your company» : My Record – Company (The name of your company as specified in your ACT! database).

«contact name»: Contact – Contact

«contact email»: Contact – E-mail



Select ACT! contact history options

The following command allows you to configure what information is stored on the contact history in the ACT! database.


%%[ActHistoryOptions: «message options», «attachment options»]


where «message options» is one of:


SubjectAndMessage – store both email subject and message body in history

Subject – store only subject in history

None – store neither subject not message body in history


and «attachment options» is one of:

Attachment – store PDF attachment in message history

None – do not store attachment in message history