Reducing carbon footprint to meet sustainability targets

Electronic document delivery and filing supports sustainability in a number of ways. Firstly, electronic document delivery reduces your reliance on paperfor sending documents, as well as reducing the use of consumables and energy when printing and copying documentation.

Electronic document filing with document management solutions such as Zetadocs then reduces the need to print information for filing, with emails and other documents being quickly captured and archived. With more documents captured and archived electronically, this also allows more paper to be recycled.

It is estimated that a single piece of paper, such as an invoice, sent through the mail leaves a carbon footprint of around 50g*. With a single tree making just over 16 reams of copy paper (over 8,000 sheets), this means that a company sending only 2,000 documents a month could annually save 1.2 tonnes of carbon which is the equivalent of 3 trees.

For more information, why not download our white paper: The Sustainability Switch, or find out how Larson Juhl reduced its carbon footprint by 850kg per year, while also saving €25,000.

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*Source - Conservatree


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