Sales order processing

Reduce costs with email delivery and speed up query resolution by capturing your customers’ purchase orders.
Improve file retrieval and customer service by securely storing order confirmations and invoices in the same electronic archive.

Efficient processing and management of sales orders is vital to your customer relations and business growth. Sales orders can arrive via fax, post or email, and processing them can be a costly, manual and time-consuming process.One

If you process your orders quickly, efficiently, and correctly every time, you will not only generate revenue more quickly, you will also promote better customer satisfaction, which leads to repeat business.

Our solutions can enable you to send, receive, store, retrieve, and share documents throughout the sales order process with just a few clicks of a mouse and without the expense of printing documents. We can help you keep your customer accounts up to date, allowing you to stay on top of payments and credit control.

Save costs:

Send order confirmations & invoices via email to cut printing & postage costs & their related filing, indexing, storing and retrieval costs

Save time:

Capture incoming emails, faxes or scanned documents for central storage with accurate linking & instant access

Enhance customer service:

Help to keep customers informed with full document visibility for all users, enabling them to track information during each stage of the sales process

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