Electronic invoicing

Are you printing invoices, then folding them, putting them in envelopes and mailing them? If so, we can help you use your finance staff more efficiently so that you reduce your costs. Our solutions can provide secure electronic document delivery that virtually eliminates the costs associated with posting documents and you could save at least one man day per week, compared to manual production and delivery of invoices.

Our solutions integrate with ERP and accounts packages to automate the production and delivery of whole batches of invoices by email and fax. Potentially thousands of invoices can be sent instantly in a secure and professional manner, and your customers receive them when and how they want.

Zetadocs can also help protect against fraud, using a digital certificate. These are issued by commercial certificate authorities (CAs) who perform background checks and confirms your identity. Digital certificates can be used to sign a document, verifying its origination and confirming that it has not been tampered with since creation.

Our electronic invoicing solutions can help you improve your business processes, satisfy customers and reduce the effects that paper usage and delivery have on our planet.

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