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Our ongoing commitment to developers has made Zetafax possibly the most popular fax server used for integrations with in-house applications and ISV software packages. Zetadocs extends this with automated emailing of personalized PDFs. As an ISV ourselves, we understand developers' needs for the combination of simple, yet powerful APIs that are well documented and knowledgeably supported.

Fax enabling your software

Developers can use Zetafax's API Toolkit to interact directly with the Zetafax Server without using the Zetafax Client. There are five ways of submitting faxes and SMS text messages to the Zetafax Server using the API toolkit. These methods have been designed to make the automatic sending of messages from other applications extremely easy to implement.

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Automate the production and delivery of documents

It's a straightforward process for a developer to automate document production and delivery processes using the Zetadocs embedded commands. There's control over how documents should be personalized, how and where they should be sent, and what attachments and overlays should be applied.

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Many ISVs join our ISV program and use the Zetafax SDK to incorporate faxing capabilities into their software, or the Zetadocs SDK to enable their users to create, deliver and share electronic documents.

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What our customers say

"The Zetafax API toolkit, developed by Equisys, gives Administrators a quick way to integrate Zetafax with virtually any other application. It was very easy to integrate Zetafax into Axis Diplomat and we were able to respond to our customer's requirement for a time-saving, automated and low cost solution in no time."
Axis First, a supplier of business management and e-commerce systems

"Zetafax is the obvious communication tool to enhance alphaCIM's processes and reduce unnecessary paperwork. By offering our customers a chance to purchase alphaCIM and Zetafax together, Licom can stay ahead of its competition and offer clients a superior manufacturing management solution."
Licom, authors of alphaCIM management software for woodworking businesses

"When we were looking for a way to provide our customer with an integrated document output and fax solution, the choice of the Zetafax CommsEngine was obvious. We were impressed by the range of methods open to us, including simply embedding addressing information into word documents through to the powerful COM API, which meant we could send a fax using less than 10 lines of code. We were able to do the integration and offer the solution to the customer very quickly which ultimately helped us win the business."
Document Genetics, suppliers of Formate output management software


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