Upgrade to Zetafax 2014

Why upgrade to Zetafax 2014?

Zetafax 2014 is the latest release of Equisys' award winning network fax software. It continues to be one of the world's leading fax server products, with more than 65,000 customers in over 100 countries.

Zetafax 2014 provides new and existing customers with advanced faxing capabilities to fit the modern business environment. Please check with your local supplier for pricing in your area.

Don't forget you can also extend your Zetafax system with great add-ons such as Fax over IP (FoIP), Automation Toolkit, Fax Relay, Fax Broadcast, etc.

What’s new in Zetafax 2014?

Exchange Online

Zetafax 2014 now supports Exchange Online to supply the same standard features as our on-premise Microsoft Exchange systems, such as:

  • Sending faxes to stored contacts
  • An add-in for Microsoft Outlook to simplify sending faxes
  • Delivery reports returned by email, including a copy of the sent fax as a standard TIFF format

Implementation of the Zetafax Exchange Online Connector is simple and data transfer secure. The Zetafax Server installation remains on-premise, and there are no changes needed to the corporate firewall, or the domain name. Communication between the Zetafax Server and Exchange Online is protected using industry standard SSL encryption. For information on how Zetafax supports Exchange Online, please visit the Exchange Online page.

Sending from SMTP-enabled multifunction devices

Zetafax 2014 has enhanced the Fax Relay add-on so that it is possible to send faxes through multifunction devices that use SMTP email to submit faxes as an alternative to sending through FoIP.

Outlook Add-in for SMTP mail systems

The Outlook Add-in has been enhanced to add support for SMTP mail systems, including Exchange Online and other Exchange systems configured to use the Zetafax SMTP gateway instead of the Exchange Connector.

The Outlook Add-in enables users to send and receive faxes as easily and as instantly as email, use existing Outlook contacts and address books, and automatically convert documents to fax attachments.

Improved support for remote and mobile working

The Outlook Add-in has been extended so that faxes can be submitted while client machines are offline from the company network. Messages are stored in Outlook, then submitted to the Exchange server when the computer next connects to the network.

Support for sending on mobile devices via the Zetafax email gateway has also been improved. Attached files within delivery reports are given in a TIFF format, improving usability when viewing faxes on mobile devices, or from client computers that do not have the Zetafax Client installed.

Installation improvements

Installation has been improved to help reduce set up time for system administrators.

  • Simplified installation on terminal servers
    The Zetafax Client Applications setup program now installs the applications for all users on the computer by default, simplifying installation for terminal server computers and other shared systems.
  • Automated setup process for Exchange 2013 Connector
    The Zetafax Connector for Exchange Online 2013 can now be installed automatically, simplifying the process for administrators and reducing the likelihood of difficulties during installation.

Support for new platforms

Zetafax 2014 includes support for the latest platforms, including: Windows 8.1, Windows Server 2012 R2 and Microsoft Exchange Online.

It also includes as standard, support for several platforms previously released as separate updates: Windows 8, Windows Server 2012, Microsoft Exchange 2013 and Microsoft Office 2013.

Protection against media gateway failure

etafax 2014 adds support for Fax over IP (FoIP) media gateway failover for systems using the FoIP Connector (SR140 Edition). Systems can be configured with two or more FoIP media gateway devices. If Zetafax is unable to contact one device, it will automatically switch to the next device, protecting against the effects of hardware failure and improving disaster recovery processes.

Upgrade to Zetafax 2014

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