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Why upgrade to Zetafax 2008?

Introducing a range of new features, Zetafax 2008 is the latest release of Equisys' award winning network fax software. It continues to be one of the world's leading fax server products, installed in over 60,000 customer locations in 106 countries.

Zetafax 2008 provides existing customers with the tools to make their business more efficient, integrates with the latest platforms, and increases business productivity. Please check with your local supplier for Zetafax 2008 pricing in your area.

Everyday Tasks Made Easier

Zetafax 2008 provides improved navigation through instant Archive search, streamlined email delivery, enhanced scanner support and much more.

Here are just a few things you can do with all of the new enhancements:

Some of the new features of Zetafax 2008

Support for new platforms

Effortlessly integrate Zetafax 2008 on the latest Windows platforms (Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2003 64 bit and Windows Vista) and the most recent email clients (Lotus Notes 8 and Domino).

Instant Client Archive Search

The Client Archive Search easily navigates through your client history based on a set of search criteria; eliminating the need to resend faxes and spending less time on searching the entire database.

Enhanced scanner tools

Users are now able to send faxes in a single step adding recipient details and coversheets. This new functionality of Zetafax 2008 will especially increase the security and reliability of companies with multiple users but limited numbers of PCs.

Improved rendering of MS Office and PDF documents

When integrated with an email system, Zetafax 2008 produces consistent high quality fax images when converting from Word, Excel or PDF. Installation is far simpler as there is no need for the administrator to install or run Microsoft Office or Adobe PDF Reader applications on the Zetafax server.

Client Sent Items folder

This new functionality increases the efficiency of employees by enabling them to separately identify sent items; spending less time searching the entire archive for a sent fax.

Simplified maintenance in a Terminal Services environment

By Integrating Zetafax 2008 in Outlook 2007 in a Terminal Services environment, adding new users is simple and can be done by an administrator in a single step.

Extended hardware compatibility

The range of hardware supported with the latest release has been extended to include the Brooktrout PCI Express range of Primary Rate Interface (PRI) boards.

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All about Zetafax

All about Zetafax

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