Extend your Zetafax capability with automation

Equisys provides a range of add-on solutions to allow you to automate key processes and integrate applications with Zetafax:

  • Zetafax Automation Toolkit - offering developers a rapid way of adding fax capability to in-house applications such as CRM systems, or accounting packages, allowing your business to save significant time and money.
  • Zetafax Duo - allowing automatic delivery of content via email, cutting down on stationery costs and speeding up processes such as sending sales quotations, invoices and statements. 
  • Zetafax SMS Gateway - allowing text messaging to be added to the mix, providing effective delivery of information by SMS. 
  • Zetafax Document Conversion Add-on - ensuring that the maximum number of document types can be faxed automatically from business critical applications, without requiring the authoring application on the Zetafax Server.

For more information on the automation capabilities of Zetafax, please contact the Equisys sales team.


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