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Fax Relay

The Fax Relay add-on for Zetafax allows paper documents sent via a fax machine or multi-function device to be directed through the Zetafax Server. This process takes place automatically and ensures that all documents are included in the Zetafax archive, providing the following benefits:

  • Improved compliance management, by ensuring that all documents are securely archived and logged in Zetafax regardless of the method sent.
  • Reduced Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) by eliminating the need for dedicated telephone lines.
  • Greater flexibility in hardware placement as machines can be connected to data points rather than telephone sockets.
  • Increased efficiency through removal of unnecessary steps to include documents in the archive.

Fax Relay has three modes of operation to provide complete flexibility of use for your staff:

  • Anonymous sending - simply send a fax by entering the fax number, and the fax is automatically directed through the Zetafax Server.
  • Sending by Zetafax users - add an individual ID before the fax number and the fax is sent as though from your Zetafax account, including notification of the result.
  • Use as a network scanner - enter your ID number and the fax is delivered to your Zetafax account, allowing you to add more documents directly from your PC before sending the fax via the Zetafax Client.

For more information on Fax Relay, please download the Fax Relay datasheet.


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