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Zetafax fax server & Fax over IP (FoIP) hardware

Zetafax supports a wide range of fax server hardware and software options ensuring there is a solution for every business, regardless of size and requirements. Options include Fax over IP / FoIP software, analog and digital intelligent fax boards and most digital and analog V.34 modems.

Fax over IP (FoIP)

The Zetafax Fax over IP Connector add-on provides an efficient way to integrate a fax server with Voice over IP (VoIP) phone systems, or to enable server virtualization. VoIP phone systems can be used for faxing directly, saving the cost of installing separate phone lines for use by the fax server.

For phone systems that are not IP, the Zetafax fax server supports a range of media gateways that will manage the communication between the PBX and the IP network via T.38 and enable conversion from T.38 to T.30 for communication over the PSTN, enabling compatibility with traditional fax machines.

The Zetafax FoIP Connector is available in two editions. The SR140 Edition uses market-leading Brooktrout SR140 technology from Dialogic, for the highest levels of performance and interoperability. This supports a wide range of phone systems and gateways, and has been accredited for use with leading phone systems. The Standard Edition provides a more cost-effective solution for use with selected standalone gateways. It is designed for use in smaller virtualized server systems where third party accreditation is not required. Read more about the Zetafax FoIP Connector.

Intelligent Fax Boards

Intelligent fax boards are a great solution for companies that need to send high volumes of faxes at low cost. Zetafax fax server supports fax boards from Dialogic (Brooktrout & Eicon), many of which incorporate error correction to reduce call failure frequency and advanced compression techniques (MMR) to cut call times. These performance features, lacking on modems, result in fewer lost faxes and lower running costs, which usually pay for the initial hardware investment in a matter of months.

Intelligent fax boards for the Zetafax fax server are available in two types; analog and digital (BRI, PRI or T1).

Estimated saving per year using a TR1034 compared with a V.17 modem*

Faxes sent per day 1 month 6 months 1 year
25 £35 £210 £420


£420 £1,300
100 £140 £840 £1,700


Estimated ROI times for Brooktrout TR1034 IFBs*

Faxes sent per day TR1034 2 channel TR1034 4 channel TR1034 8 channel
50 20 months 34 months 72 months

10 months

17 months 36 months
200 5 months 9 months 18 months

*based on a 4-page fax sent at call charge of 3.5p per minute

Brooktrout TruFax Range

If you are looking for a low cost intelligent fax board for your fax server, then we recommend the Brooktrout TruFax range which can be supplied with 2 or 4 channels in analog or digital (BRI) form. Please note that TruFax boards do not include error correction and should only be used in situations where fax traffic is low. Contact your reseller for more information on selecting and purchasing a suitable intelligent fax board.


Modems are useful for small businesses and users who wish to travel with a mobile fax solution on their laptop for out-of-office use. Modems are limited by lack of error correction and advanced compression techniques and, as a result, they are only suitable when fax throughput is low and faxing is not a critical component of the business. If several users require faxing facilities then an intelligent fax board is likely to be the more cost effective solution in the long-term.

The Zetafax fax server supports the following classes of modem: Class 1, Class 2, Class 1.0 and Class 2.0. See more information on fax devices supported by Zetafax.

Equisys has tested the MultiTech® MultiModem® ZDX (model: MT5656ZDX) with Zetafax. Information on installing and configuring the MultiTech MultiModem ZDX can be found here.

Hardware Assurance

Hardware Assurance enables you to protect yourself from hardware problems on all Brooktrout and Diva fax boards, with replacement hardware available within 24 hours of Dialogic confirming a hardware failure. Using Hardware Assurance you can insure yourself against the costs and inconvenience to your business should a board fail.

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