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Zetafax editions

Zetafax is available in a range of starter systems, enabling you to choose the right solution for your business. From small and medium sized businesses, to large corporations with multiple sites there is a Zetafax edition tailored to your needs.

Business Edition

Zetafax Business Edition is the Equisys entry level network fax software for 5 to 25 network users. It is an 'all in the box' software solution that can be installed on existing hardware, making it fast and easy to implement. For a more detailed view of Zetafax Business Edition, please read the datasheet here.

The Zetafax Business Edition can be extended with Zetafax Duo which adds the power of Zetadocs PDF to Zetafax. Zetafax Duo can convert virtually any document to PDF and automatically send it by fax or email. Read about Zetadocs PDF here.

Corporate Edition

Zetafax Corporate Edition provides fast, easy faxing for 50 or more network users. Zetafax streamlines installation on multiple computers through an easy to use installation and configuration wizard, and the ability to deploy to multiple clients a using a single, central install. If you would like to learn more about Zetafax Corporate Edition, the datasheet gives a comprehensive list of the features and benefits.

The Zetafax Corporate Edition can also be extended with Zetafax Duo, adding the power of Zetadocs PDF to Zetafax. Zetafax Duo converts PC documents to PDF and sends them automatically by fax or email. Read about Zetadocs PDF here.

Enterprise Edition

Zetafax Enterprise Edition is the complete solution for large organizations, no matter how widely distributed your business or how sophisticated your fax requirements. It is ideal for organizations requiring a reliable, scalable and versatile network fax solution working with over 100 users without restrictions on numbers of servers and lines. Zetafax Enterprise Edition enables high volume faxing across multiple locations. To find out more about the benefits that Zetafax Enterprise Edition can deliver, the datasheet can be viewed here.

The Zetafax Enterprise Edition can also be extended with Zetafax Duo, adding Zetadocs PDF to Zetafax to make a powerful document delivery system that converts documents to PDF and automatically faxes or emails them. Read about Zetadocs PDF here.

Zetafax CommsEngine

Zetafax CommsEngine makes it simple for software vendors (ISVs) and system integrators to add fax functionality to their applications. For more information on CommsEngine and its three editions please read the CommsEngine datasheet here.


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