Zetafax Device Edition

Managing fax can be difficult when your business has several multifunctional printers. Additional fax cards and external telephone lines are expensive and large amounts of time can be lost through filing and retrieving faxes. Zetafax Device Edition combines the benefits of faxing from multifunctional printers with the capabilities of a fax server, making fax management simpler, faster and more cost effective.

How can Zetafax Device Edition help?

Reduce telephony costs - There is no longer a need for each fax-enabled multi-functional printer to have its own telephone line and fax card. Instead, a single fax delivery point is created by connecting your printers to the Zetafax Server via the Local Area Network (LAN), which means costs are consolidated and, your network is simplified.

Detailed fax records - Zetafax provides a comprehensive central log where all sent and received faxes are stored. This means that the visibility, retrieval and archiving of all faxes is simpler and more secure. Access to the central log can be tightly controlled so as to allow only authorized personnel, maintaining data security and confidentiality.

Save time - Zetafax Device Edition means you can send faxes and walk away with confidence. Faxes are automatically queued, prioritized and retried when the line is busy. In addition, staff can receive incoming faxes and delivery reports through a chosen printer or their email inbox.

How Zetafax Device Edition works

Getting started with Zetafax is easy. Simply install the Zetafax software, a fax card and a standard telephone line into an existing server.

Sending faxes:

Outgoing faxes can be sent from any printer connected to the Zetafax Server via the Local Area Network (LAN).

Receiving faxes:

Incoming faxes are received by the Zetafax Server and sent onward via the email server or to a designated printer.

For a more comprehensive picture of Zetafax Device Edition, you can read the datasheet.

Zetafax Device Edition video

Zetafax Device Edition can be integrated with a number of multifunctional printers. As an example, the video below demonstrates the integration of Zetafax Device Edition with Kyocera MFPs along with some of its main benefits.

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