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Zetafax Savings Calculator
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Conventional Faxing

Number of fax machines currently used


Leasing cost of fax machines (monthly)


Monthly line rental (per line)


Call cost (per minute)

Labour Costs:      

Hourly rate for clerical staff


Cost of fax machine consumables
e.g. paper and toner (per page)

Receiving faxes:      

How many faxes do you receive per day?


How many pages do you receive per fax?


Time taken to collect and distribute received faxes (seconds)


Consumables costs per inbound fax page


Labour cost


Total cost per inbound fax

Sending faxes:      

Total number of outbound fax pages per day?


Number of pages sent per fax?


Time taken to send fax (seconds)


Labour cost


Consumables cost


Average call costs


Total cost per outbound fax

Zetafax Savings
Total Costs
Total Costs
Weekly (5 days)
Monthly (20 Days)
Annually (240 days)


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