Extend your Zetafax capability and make the most of your investment

Did you know that Zetafax has a range of add-on solutions to help you further increase efficiency and reduce costs? Read on for a brief insight into what else Zetafax can do for you.


Increase efficiency and reduce costs by easily integrating Zetafax with bespoke systems or applications.  You can also allow the automatic creation and delivery of documents by fax or email, or even integrate SMS messaging.  Read more on automation capabilities of Zetafax.

Disaster recovery

With business communications a critical part of any organization, ensuring the continued use of your Zetafax system is essential. The Zetafax Failover add-on, and the Fax over IP (FoIP) Connector which enables server virtualization, ensure that your users have uninterupted use of Zetafax.

Reduced call times

Zetafax also supports use of Intelligent Fax Boards, incorporating advanced compression techniques to to cut call times, and error correction to reduce call failure frequency. This results in fewer lost faxes and lower running costs.  Read more about Intelligent Fax Boards.

Fax broadcast

If you need to send a batch of faxes to either a large or small audience, Zetafax FaxBroadcast takes the effort out of setting up, delivering and reporting on fax mailshots. Read more fax broadcasting with Zetafax.


Zetafax Duo automates the delivery of content via email, ensuring that customers receive information in the format they require.

Zetafax healthcheck

Ensure your system is running as effectively as possible, and potential issues with lines or configuration errors are discovered early by a technical expert, avoiding costly downtime. Read more about our Zetafax Healthcheck.

Direct Inward Dialling (DID)

Zetafax also allows you to give each user a personal fax number. This allows faxes to be routed directly to individual desktops as well as directly to specific departments, or standalone fax machines.

Fax Relay

Submit faxes directly from fax machines or multi-function devices for onward sending by the Zetafax Server, enuring that all documents are captured in the Zetafax archive, regardless of the method used to send. Read more about Fax Relay.

Maximize your investment

Are there other areas of your business that could benefit from the efficiency gains that Zetafax delivers, especially when integrated with email? Extend the number of users of your Zetafax solution to get the most our of your investment.

Zetafax Add-on Products

For more detailed information on each of our Add-ons, the following datasheets will cover all aspects in greater depth.


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