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Zetafax Link for eCopy ShareScan OP

This Product Description applies to:

  • eCopyT ShareScan® OP (version 3.0 or later)
  • Zetafax® 2007 (or later)
  • Zetafax Link for eCopy ShareScan OP (optional add-on for Zetafax)
  • Microsoft® Exchange


With the Zetafax Link for eCopy ShareScan OP, you can fax paper documents directly from your copier or document scanner. Faxes can be archived centrally where needed for compliance or corporate policy, and individual usage can be tracked and granted access permissions.

Sending is as simple as using a fax machine, but with the advanced features of a true network fax solution when needed. You can enter the fax number at the scanning device, or send from your desktop when you want additional control or flexibility.

Sending is tightly integrated with your other corporate fax and email use, in a familiar environment. Sent faxes appear in your Outlook sent items folder alongside your other messages, and Zetafax sends you email confirmation when the fax is sent, or if there is a transmission error.

Features and benefits

Using Zetafax with eCopy ShareScan OP gives the following benefits:

  • Send fax directly from the copie. Simply choose "Send Zetafax", then enter the recipient name and fax number. The fax is submitted to the Zetafax server, which handles queuing, retry on busy etc; there is no need to wait at the scanner until the fax is sent
  • Email notification of completion . When the fax completes, Zetafax sends you an email giving transmission details, as well as a copy of the complete fax as an attachment. Faxes are also stored in your Outlook sent items folder when submitted
  • Resubmission from Outlook. Zetafax will automatically retry busy numbers, using rules set by the administrator. If it is still unable to send the fax, Zetafax sends you an email including the fax image and status information. You can then resubmit from Outlook, including changing the fax number if required, without needing to rescan the original document
  • Automatic coversheet creation . For each fax you send, you can choose whether Zetafax will add a fax coversheet to your document. Coversheets can be created to match your corporate standards, including choice of font and layout, as well as logos and other graphics. You can configure the system to use a different coversheet for each copier if required for organizations with separate department or company branding
  • Address book to store fax numbers. Fax numbers and recipient names can be entered directly, or selected from an address book. This fax address book can be shared across all devices, or each device can have a separate address book if desired. Fax numbers are automatically added to the address list, and you can simply edit or import addresses using the eCopy administration program
  • User authentication. Each user logs onto the eCopy-enabled device with their network name and password before sending a fax. A range of logging and archiving options allow administrators to track usage for each user where required for recharging or security
  • Archiving of sent faxes. Zetafax can be configured to save an archive copy of each fax sent, for compliance or company policy purposes. The archive includes the fax image, as well as transmission information to provide proof of sending
  • Choice of which devices and which users can send faxes. The administrator can choose which copiers or scanning devices can be used for sending faxes. The system may be configured so that any network users can send a fax; alternatively users can be authorized individually including restriction of the numbers which can be dialled - for example, to restrict certain users from faxing to international or premium rate numbers

Where additional processing is required, you can use eCopy ShareScan OP to forward the document to your desktop then send the fax using the Zetafax client software. This lets you use more advanced features, such as adding text to the coversheet with Rich Text formatting.

  • Annotate or modify the image before sending, using eCopy DesktopT. In cases where you want to modify the scanned image before sending, you can use the Zetafax client to send faxes from your desktop rather than entering the fax number at the device. Zetafax supports "print-to-fax" or sending a graphics file directly, for submitting faxes from eCopy Desktop or other applications
  • Attach additional standard or previously scanned documents. With Zetafax, you can create a library of attachments which can then be simply added to faxes submitted from the desktop. This lets you add standard items like conditions of sale, without having to scan them each time
  • Add coversheet text, including Rich Text formatting. You can add message text on the coversheet using the Zetafax client, including use of different fonts and other formatting options
  • Full feature client. The Zetafax client includes a wide range of options for submitting and controlling faxes. These include delayed send, overlays (letterheads), and a rich set of automation options for incorporation in production fax environments
  • Highly scaleable and flexible. The Zetafax server supports up to 100 fax lines. Zetafax systems start from just 5 users, so will suit your needs whether you want fax for a limited production requirement, or to give it to every user in the organization. Zetafax is simple to install and administer, making it ideal for companies without an existing fax server who wish to fax-enable their eCopy devices

eCopy screenshot

Product components

When used with Microsoft Exchange, the integration uses the eCopy "Fax via Exchange" connector, supplied as standard with eCopy ShareScan OP.

The components in the integrated system are:

  • eCopy ShareScan OP services manager, including "Fax via Exchange" connector (supplied as standard), configured for Zetafax
  • Microsoft Exchange (existing corporate server)
  • Zetafax Server, licensed for the number of users required
  • Zetafax Exchange Connector (supplied as standard with Zetafax)
  • Zetafax Link for eCopy ShareScan OP add-on, licensed for the number of scanning devices required

The additional features within Zetafax are shipped as part of the standard server software, and enabled when the license key is entered in the Zetafax Configuration program; there is no additional software to install on the Zetafax server.

System requirements and installation

The integration requires the following:

  • eCopy ShareScan OP version 3.0 or later
  • Zetafax 2006 or later, including SP1 update (see Zetafax Technical Notes for further details)

Full details are given in Zetafax Technical Note ZTN1520-HOWTO: Integrating eCopy ShareScan OP and Zetafax.

Availability and pricing

Sending faxes directly from your embedded device or ScanStation as described above requires the Zetafax Link for eCopy ShareScan OP, a chargeable add-on to Zetafax. Pricing for this add-on is based on the number of devices being used.

Sending faxes from eCopy Desktop is part of the standard print-to-fax functionality in Zetafax, and supported as standard within the product.

The Zetafax Link for eCopy ShareScan OP is available now through normal Zetafax channels. It requires Zetafax 2006 or later; customers on earlier versions should upgrade their Zetafax system before installation.


Further details about how to install and use the software are given in the following Technical Note:

ZTN1520-HOWTO: Integrating eCopy ShareScan OP and Zetafax.

Find out more about eCopy.

Please contact Equisys, or your local Zetafax distributor, for further details of this add-on.