Zetafax FaxBroadcast Delivers

Zetafax FaxBroadcast helps deliver highly effective fax broadcasting because it takes the time and effort out of setting up, delivering and reporting on fax mail shots to large volumes of recipients. Fax broadcast jobs can be set up to run at specific times or in the background. Read the FaxBroadcast datasheet here.


FaxBroadcast Features

  • Import unlimited numbers of records from any ODBC compliant database
  • Set up fax broadcast jobs in seconds (incorporating coversheets and attachments)
  • Interrupt broadcasts in progress or resend fax jobs instantly
  • Create instant reports on successful and failed fax jobs
  • Export data as comma separated value files

How can FaxBroadcast benefit your organization?

Deliver fax broadcast jobs quickly

The Zetafax Server delivers rapid through-put of faxes so that high volumes can be processed very quickly, minimizing the cost of delivery in time and call charges.

Integrates with existing business applications

Fax broadcast jobs can be processed rapidly because Zetafax FaxBroadcast can instantly convert any Microsoft Office file to fax format. There is no need to prepare or reformat any existing documents. These documents can then be sent in seconds to thousands of fax recipients.

Allows dialling restrictions for each fax broadcast

The number of dial attempts that should be made for each contact can be controlled as part of the fax job and the user can speed up the fax job further by choosing to skip dial attempts when a voice is detected on the fax call.

Specific numbers can also be restricted so these records would not be contacted even if the contact details had been included by mistake within a broadcast fax.

Creates instant fax reports

Users can create instant reports on successful and failed fax broadcast jobs. Data from each broadcast can be automatically converted to a Microsoft Excel or CSV file and can then be used to update database records.

Zetafax in 90 seconds
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