Zetadocs for NAV partnering - frequently asked questions

For over 20 years, Equisys has been providing innovative software solutions to help organizations increase customer satisfaction and reduce costs. As an Equisys Solutions Partner, you will receive great financial incentives, as well as sales, marketing and product support, to help you supply and implement Zetadocs to your customers.

Selecting Zetadocs for NAV

What versions of Zetadocs are available?

Answer: Zetadocs is the leading document management software that helps companies save time and improve customer service through electronic invoicing, improved collections management, and greater control over purchasing. The following editions are available for sale:

Zetadocs edition Typical use
Zetadocs Express Process individual documents from within  the NAV RoleTailored client: Store via 'drag and drop' and email via 'save and send'
Zetadocs Delivery Essentials Deliver batches of PDF documents within NAV from a single click and with a customizable look and feel
Zetadocs Capture Essentials 'Drag and drop' attachments onto NAV, making those documents available for search and retrieval forever
Zetadocs Payables Approval Approve purchases on screen, anywhere
Zetadocs Delivery Plus Includes the capabilities of Delivery Essentials with an additional fax delivery option
Zetadocs Capture Plus Supports batch scanning, OCR and barcode recognition of paper documents
Zetadocs SDK Designed for ISVs to integrate document management into a vertical add-on

How do I determine the best solution for my customer?

Answer:The different editions of Zetadocs are defined by functional area and the best solution for your customer will depend on their requirements to: :
  • Send NAV documents as PDF by email (or fax as an option)
  • Drag and drop attachments onto NAV storing those documents to an electronic archive
  • Approve purchase invoices on screen, anywhere
  • Scan batches of paper documents and automatically link them to NAV records (using OCR/barcode recognition)
Further to this, the edition of Zetadocs best suited for your customer will also depend on their document volumes. As a rule of thumb, if your customer is processing:
  • Fewer than five documents a day, then Zetadocs Express may be best suited to them.
  • Five to twenty five documents a day, then Zetadocs Essentials may be best suited to them
  • Over twenty five documents a day, then Zetadocs Plus editions may be best suited to them
Contact you Equisys account manager for further assistance with identifying the correct edition for a specific customer.

Which edition is right for my customer?

Answer:This web page describes the differences between the Zetadocs editions:

If you have any questions, please contact your account manager

How can I demonstrate Zetadocs to my customers?

Answer:Equisys has a YouTube channel: www.youtube.com/equisysplc, that demonstrates the features and benefits of our product range, including NAV’s document management module, Zetadocs Express.

Equisys runs regular live webinars, for partners and end customers. These webinars are run to a pre-published schedule and are recorded and published on our web site. The events page on our web site lists the forthcoming and recent webinars:


Finally, to request a personalised demo for one of your customers, you can do so by contacting your account manager or filling in the form on this page:

Is there an evaluation version of Zetadocs for NAV?

Answer: Usually partners choose not to evaluate Zetadocs. Zetadocs Express, our foundation level is freely available as a download from Microsoft’s CustomerSource and PartnerSource portals.

Equisys offers a 30 day trial of Zetadocs Payables Approval free of charge. Zetadocs Payables Approval is compatible with Zetadocs Express and is only required if customers wish to trial the system with related documents. If required, free trials of SharePoint Online, part of Office 365, are also available and Equisys can offer assistance regarding sign up to these if required.

Partnering with Equisys

Does Equisys sell direct to end users?

Answer:No, Equisys does not supply Zetadocs NAV direct to end users. We are committed to working with and through partners to supply our solutions to users of NAV.

What commitment do I have to make as a partner?

Answer:Equisys will support partners to make individual sales, which typically does not require a large investment in time to understand our products. Equisys can support you in sales demonstrations, preparing quotations and pre-sales technical questions.

As partners will be the first point of contact for your end customers, we expect partners to offer the first line technical support to existing customers.

How do I become an Advanced Solutions Partner?

Answer:Equisys works with a small number of Advanced Solutions Partners (ASPs). ASPs typically design, plan, integrate and deploy the most sophisticated document management solutions to meet the demanding business needs of customers in specific vertical markets. If you author or resell a vertical add-on for NAV and you are interested in incorporating document management functionality within your add-on for repetitive sales within your vertical market, please contact your account manager to discuss your requirements.

Is Zetadocs Certified for Microsoft Dynamics (CfMD)?

Answer:Yes, Zetadocs for NAV is Certified for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 (CfMD). This means that it meets Microsoft's highest standards. To achieve CfMD, Zetadocs has passed the compatibility and development standards test, "Software solution test for Microsoft Dynamics", and a minimum of ten customer references have been attained. Furthermore, Equisys is a Gold Certified Partner in the Microsoft Partner Program.

This all sounds good, what do I need to do next?

Answer:We ask partners to sign a Heads of Agreement before placing their first order with us.

This is to create an agreement, but without creating any legally binding obligation, between Equisys and our partners to establish a framework and a mutual understanding of the basis that both companies will work together.

Please contact your account manager or Equisys sales (sales@equisys.com) if you wish to receive our Heads of Agreement document and partner with us.

Placing an order and pricing

How can I place an order for Zetadocs?

Answer:Your account manager can help you determent the appropriate edition of Zetadocs that is best suited for your customer and can help you prepare a proposal. To fulfil an order we need the following information:
  • The part codes and description of the products you wish to purchase
  • The customer's company name
  • A contact at the customer
  • Full customer contact information
  • Customers VOICE number
Sales of Equisys products are subject to Equisys' normal conditions of sale. Contact your account manager for further details.

How much does Zetadocs cost?

Answer:Zetadocs Express is available at no additional cost to customers with a current Business Ready Enhancement Plan (BREP) and Microsoft.

The Zetadocs Essentials editions start from €12.50 per user per month. Zetadocs is licensed on a named user basis, with a minimum of 5 users. There is an annual software assurance fee, which is approximately 20% of the cost of the license and a charge is made for the Zetadocs for NAV connector which is purchased once per company.

For the current price list or further questions about pricing, please contact your account manager sales@equisys.com or +44 (0) 207 203 4001. Alternatively you can view our pricing FAQ here

Is Zetadocs available for sale on a subscription basis?

Answer:Yes, details are available in the current price list

For the current price list or further questions about pricing, please contact your account manager sales@equisys.com or +44 (0) 207 203 4001. Alternatively you can view out pricing FAQ here

What are the on-going costs?

Answer:There is an annual software assurance fee, which is approximately 20% of the cost of the license. This is payable annually, although it can be pro-rated and aligned with the renewal of your customer’s BREP agreement. As a partner you are entitled to a margin on this Zetadocs software assurance fee.

For the current price list or further questions about pricing, please contact your account manager sales@equisys.com or +44 (0) 207 203 4001. Alternatively you can view out pricing FAQ here

What are the key benefits of an annual subscription licensing over perpetual licensing?


Renting software is a lower cost of entry over purchasing it outright.

You can budget for your Zetadocs system as a regular annual operating expense (OPEX) rather than a capital purchase (CAPEX) with the initial annual Software Assurance charge.

Zetadocs provides an annual in year return on investment (ROI). e.g. If your customer sends more than 3 documents per month, then there’s an in year return and further cost savings are possible by email enabling more documents.

Does my Zetadocs user count need to match my Microsoft Dynamics NAV system?

Answer:Zetadocs licensing entitlement is on a per named-user basis (not concurrent) and applicable to Dynamics Full Users or Dynamics Limited Users. Zetadocs users do not have to match the number of NAV users. So a 25 user NAV implementation can have 10 named Zetadocs users.

What are the standard payment terms of Equisys?

Answer: Our standard payment terms are 30 days after the date of invoice, irrespective of other payment terms between partners and their customers. Alternatively, payment can be made in full by credit card when the order is placed.

What discount am I entitled to as a partner?

Answer:Equisys offers generous margins on software licenses, software assurance and services sold by its partners. Please contact your account manager to enquire about the margin you are entitled to.


How long is a typical Zetadocs implementation?

Answer:Zetadocs Express is simple to deploy and can be implemented within a matter of hours. We recommend quoting two days implementation and testing for our "Essentials" Editions. We recommend quoting five days implementation and testing for our "Plus" Editions.

The implementation documentation, which describes the steps involved in implementing Zetadocs, is available from the Zetadocs for NAV knowledgebase.

What training material is available to support implementations?

Answer:We have created videos that describe the steps involved in the installation process for each edition of Zetadocs. We also have an installation guide. The installation guide and the videos are available from the Zetadocs for NAV knowledgebase.

Delivery Essentials Installation video

Capture Essentials Installation video

Training videos for Zetadocs Express are also available from the Zetadocs for NAV knowledgebase.

What skills do I need to install Zetadocs?

Answer:Zetadocs has been designed to be simple to install and configure. Any competent NAV consultant should possess the skills necessary to implement Zetadocs. However, the implementation process is fully documented and we can provide access to videos to demonstrate the process step by step.

Do you supply tools to assist with implementation?

Answer:We have worked hard to simplify the implementation process for Zetadocs, by removing many of the manual steps, such as report mark up. We have created some tools, such as our report mark-up tool and the page mark-up tool, to help partners enable Zetadocs NAV reports and pages in seconds! Some of our more experienced partners can implement Zetadocs systems within an hour or two.

Can I customize Zetadocs?

Answer:Our most popular Zetadocs solutions can be configured by partners to offer solutions for a wide variety of customer problems. For example, Zetadocs Express can be integrated into over 20 NAV pages for ‘drag and drop’ document capture, and 15 NAV reports for PDF emailing. There are no such limitations with the Zetadocs “Essentials” editions.

If you author or resell a vertical add-on for NAV and you are interested in incorporating document management functionality within your add-on for repetitive sales within your vertical market, please contact your account manager to discuss your requirements.

System requirements and technical support

Which versions of NAV are supported?

Answer:Zetadocs is compatible with both the classic and RoleTailored client versions of NAV. For the current list of supported platforms, please visit our Technical Information page: www.equisys.com/zdnavtechinfo

Which versions of Windows are supported?

Answer: Equisys places a strong emphasis on ensuring that our products are compatible with the latest platforms and operating systems. Where possible, we try and ensure that the answer to questions about compatibility is “yes”. For the latest technical information, please visit this page: www.equisys.com/zdnavtechinfo

What is included in Software Assurance?

Answer:Software Assurance in the form of the Silver Support Plan provides software upgrades and updates plus standard technical support via email. On perpetual licensing, the annual cost of the Silver Support Plan is 20% per annum based on the total price of all modules purchased and is mandatory for the first year.

The length of initial contract will be set such that renewal coincides with the customer's Microsoft Dynamics NAV support renewal. Silver Support Plan is included on subscription licensing and provides software upgrades & updates plus standard technical support via email. For more details on the Silver Support Plan, contact your account manager.

Software Assurance is designed to ensure that any of the Equisys products installed at a customer's site are up to date and include the latest software fixes. This helps Equisys reduce the number of support calls, speed up customer response times, and ensures continued access to the latest software.

We expect partners to endeavour to ensure that Software Assurance contracts are renewed annually.

Does Zetadocs require SharePoint?

Answer:No. The delivery of NAV reports/documents as batches of PDFs by email can be implemented with or without SharePoint. Zetadocs Express, Capture Essentials and Capture Plus can be implemented with either SharePoint or network folders as the document repository.

What technical assistance / support is available?

Answer:Partners will normally offer first line technical support to its customers for Zetadocs. As a partner of Equisys, and subject to reasonable use, you will have unlimited, free of charge access to the Equisys UK technical support team to help you escalate customer problems relating to the Equisys products. This service is offered to your support teams communicating directly with Equisys.

Equisys will offer technical support to our partners during normal business hours, 9.30am to 5.30pm UK local time, Monday to Friday (excluding UK public holidays). Equisys support engineers will attempt to respond to logged technical issues within two hours quoting the unique ticket number given out when the call was logged.

Contact us

How can I contact Equisys sales?

Answer:Normally, you will be allocated an account manager who will act as a main point of contact. If your account manager is unavailable, you can contact the sales team on +44 (0) 207 203 4001 or sales@equisys.com.

How can I contact Equisys support?

Answer:Our support team is on hand to help resolve technical issues during and after implementation of the software. We offer an extensive knowledge base of online self-help questions in our knowledgebase:

If you require support assistance, your account manager can arrange this or you can contact the Equisys technical support team on +44 (0) 207 203 4002 or support@equisys.com.

Equisys will provide support for the site Monday to Friday during business hours only. Zetadocs Payables Approval will be supported by our UK and US based operations in English only. First line support is handled directly by the partner and escalated to Equisys as required.


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