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Case Studies

Select from one of the following industries to see how Zetadocs benefits business processes:



IT Consulting



Read in more detail about the benefits that Zetadocs has brought to some of our customers:

  • Man and Machine Ltd (142 KB)
    “In short, Zetadocs appeared to address the issues for the credit control department head on,"
    David Allwright, Man and Machine’s Systems Analyst
  • Becker UK Ltd (211 KB)
    "We considered a number of possible solutions but only Zetadocs provided the combined fax and email functionality that we were looking for. The seamless integration with NAV was also a key influencing factor."
    Ian Holmes, Service Manager and Engineering Director, Becker UK Ltd
  • Equisys (289 KB)
    "We were already using SharePoint internally as our company intranet and Zetadocs integrates with this to provide the document management capabilities we were looking for, whilst providing comprehensive document creation and delivery options."
    Colin Duxberry, Finance Director, Equisys
  • Duncton plc (100 KB)
    "Since integrating Zetadocs with our CRM system the sales team are now able to complete 15% more contracts each month which represents a significant amount of incremental revenue for the company.  We've quickly made back the cost of our initial investment and our sales figures since reinforce the fact that we made the right decision."
    Neil Eustace, Sales and Marketing Manager, Duncton
  • Cedilla Systems (401 KB)
    "Zetadocs has revolutionized the way we do business. Instead of spending hours and hours of time printing and then posting accounting documents, we can send them to customers right from our desktop with just a click of a button. We end up saving a lot of money by eliminating the need for preprinted stationery, whilst at the same time providing a service that our customers really appreciate."
    Jamaine Campbell, Customer Service Director, Cedilla Systems
  • Aztech MicroCentres (542 KB)
    "There are lots of software packages that can create PDFs, but none with the sophistication of Zetadocs for merging multiple documents together, adding a personal touch and distributing them automatically by email."
    Steve Brown, Technical Director, Aztech MicroCentres
  • Millstream Associates Limited (401 KB)
    "The costs of printing and posting colour brochures and proposals can really add up. Zetadocs PDF started saving us money as soon as we installed it."
    Neil Thompson, Business Development Manager, Millstream Associates
  • Response Media Products Inc (413 KB)
    "Zetadocs PDF lets us take bits and pieces and combine them into a single PDF that we can email or fax to one person or a hundred without leaving our desks. Most important, our customers love getting a single document. Zetadocs PDF helps us save money and time, while giving great customer service."
    Randy Blasch, IT Manager, Response Media Products Inc