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Timemaster - Optimize fee-earning potential

Future-proof your business processes within one centralized and supported system.

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Achieve above average chargeability rates

Resource planning
  • Maximize fee earning potential through real-time visibility of current and future capacity; plan resources by day, week or month; in hours or days; and by staff member or role

  • Team absence and resourcing visibility wherever you are with Outlook and phone iCalendar integration. Approved holiday requests automatically integrate with staff resource plans to manage availability

  • View individual performance and chargeability charts on personalized homepages; profitability and workload can be viewed by client, department, project, across the whole company – Views and access rights can be set so everyone sees what they need when they need to

Timemaster customers are typically achieving above average chargeability rates of 76%; 9% better than the built industry average of 67% as it allows you to predict anticipated workload and future profitability with real-time cost calculations.


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