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Timemaster - Sustainable business processes

Reduce the risk of human error or systems failure. Keep your projects on target and profitable by monitoring live progress and resourcing. Set-up reports and templates on implementation so that your project team are tracking consistently and in the same way. On-demand reporting as you require.

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Achieve above average chargeability rates

Project management
  • Variable percentage profit margins for each task enable you to front-load or rear-load project fees, thereby minimizing your exposure to risk

  • Create a consistent standard for new projects by using templates based on previous success. For example, the 8 RIBA stages can be configured as standardized; all of the project team is working within the same processes

  • Improve performance reporting with visibility of future project pipelines and baselines

  • Track ongoing costs and hours for each project with graphical indicators such as traffic light alerts, allowing visibility of your overall project cost and resource.

  • Manage a mix of percentage fees, fixed fees, time-charges and non-chargeable tasks on the same project.

Timemaster customers deliver 85% of their projects on-time by making better decisions about which resources are available and capable of completing a project against a build industry average of 74%.


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