What's new in Timemaster

The latest update to Timemaster for users with a current Software Assurance contract is now available for download:

  • Windows client version 4.5.0
  • Web version 4.5.0
Office workload spreadsheet

Having up-to-date information of staff commitments, overall availability, time already booked and predicted profitability for one or all your projects, is essential information for project team leaders to track and manage their projects to successful outcomes.

It's not always possible to gather your team around a central screen to discuss the status of a project. Wouldn't it be handy if you could gather up-to-date resourcing plans for all your projects in a familiar format like Excel, and then have the ability to save, share, or print them off to take with you? Enter the Timemaster Office Workload report, which is a collection of resourcing reports together in a single spreadsheet that's transformed Timemaster project data and arranged that information over individual sheets. The Office Workload report has a number of selectable options that can be combined to give you just the information you need to hand. It can be configured to output summaries and charts of this information, even spilt out each team member and each project on their own sheet for detailed analysis.

Resourcing enhancements

Once you have the information you desire you can either save that off onto the Timemaster server or download a copy locally.

Improved ad hoc reporting tools

Want to really delve into the where staff time is being booked, see it per customer, per project or by task, and find out how much that is costing? Are you confident you are able to recover that time and what has been invoiced so far? Do you want a really flexible way to slice and dice multiple dimensions, and then be able to come back to that same set of data next week, or next month such that it remembers your choices?

Well we’ve extended the reporting capabilities of Timemaster in this release and have built on the improved summaries in the last release such that you can now also summarise on Written Off and Chargeable Hours. This means that you can probably find most information more easily without running or developing a dedicated report to do so.

Improved ad hoc reporting tools

Better multi-currency

Timemaster has always had a concept of a core currency per system and already has the ability to manage some projects against other currencies within the same system, ideal for branch offices in other countries. This ability to set multiple currency rates for staff working in those offices and then bill for that work has been extended in this release.

To help you view and report on this information more easily, we’ve added a new Currency Charge summary to the Timesheet Analysis report. It's now simple to choose a relevant timeframe and then group projects by their respective currency.


Other great changes and fixes

We also continue to add other features in response to users' requests, including a number of fixes all detailed in the release notes.

If you would like to see features introduced in previous releases then you can find them here.

All the enhancements above are available at no extra cost to all customers on an active support plan.

The Timemaster v 4.4 update can be downloaded by registered users from here.


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