What's new in Timemaster

The spring update to Timemaster for users with a current Software Assurance contract is now available for download:

  • Windows client version 4.2.1
  • Web version 4.2.1
  • For use with Timemaster Database version 4.2.001

Please note that users with Web 2.3.99 or earlier should upgrade to Timemaster version 3 first: See how.


Ever struggled to remember what you were doing in Timemaster after getting called away from your desk or getting into a long discussion on the phone, only to find that Timemaster had logged you out of the system in the meantime?

Timemaster times out inactive user sessions after a predefined time-limit, normally 20 minutes, to preserve server memory and in some environments for added desktop security. The timeout is configurable, however even if you have desktop security covered by your corporate PC logout policy, it is not desirable to make the session timeout much longer without reducing the performance of the server. Your Timemaster administrator can now choose to store user’s session information within the Timemaster SQL database instead, and as a result set much longer time-outs, even up to a day. So you’ll now have less of those “what was I doing” moments.

Skip days or weeks

Need a bit more flexibility about which days in a week and the intervals between them when resourcing your staff? Perhaps you only want then to be available on a project Tuesday every second week.

Well now with the enhanced Allocate form, you can do just that. Choose when and how often you want to resource each resource for a period, rather than resourcing each week individually.

Skip days or weeks
Absence widgets

Would you like a quick reminder of when you’ve booked leave or just want to see how many days you have left this year?

This release of Timemaster adds the Absence Chart and Absence Requests widgets to your Timemaster home page, making this information more easily accessible, and just that bit quicker to access.

Like all dashboard widgets you use the Edit Layout cog on the homepage to group these new widgets as tabs, remove unwanted ones or reposition them to tailor your view to create the most relevant dashboard for you.

Absence widgets

Picture this

Do you have new people in the office that some of your resourcing team have not met or just can’t put a name to their face?

Then these new enhancements to the Staff contact card will help. The addition of payroll number and NI number parameters to the search fields allow you to more easily find staff members. Upload photos of staff to make finding them just that little bit simpler too.

Picture this
Other great changes and fixes

We also continue to add other features in response to users' requests, including a number of fixes all detailed in the release notes.

All the enhancements above are available at no extra cost to all customers on an active support plan.

The Timemaster v 4.2 update can be downloaded by registered users from here.


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