What's new in Timemaster

The autumn update to Timemaster for users with a current Software Assurance contract is now available for download:

  • Windows client version 3.2.02
  • Web version 3.2.02
  • For use with Timemaster Database version 3.2.02 (TimemasterPatches_320 must already have been applied for this update, which requires the TimemasterPatches_314.zip script applied first)

Please note that users with Web 2.3.99 or earlier should upgrade to Timemaster version 3 first: see how.

Calendar publishing

We are pleased to announce integration between Timemaster with Outlook calendars, mobile phone calendars and Hotmail/Gmail web calendars through the use of iCalendar subscriptions.

This provides consultants and other staff with the ability to overlay additional calendars onto their Outlook/Exchange calendar or view calendars separately or side-by-side. The images on the right show colour coded entries from Timemaster and Exchange Server in Outlook 2013 and Windows Phone 8.

Team managers additionally have the ability to view team calendars in much the same way allowing them to see relevant staff absences in a single calendar view, keeping them better informed.

Timesheet and expenses on the go

Web based task management

Being able to manage tasks effectively so they reflect your projects is critical to project managers. Having the ability to copy tasks from one project to another and organise sub-tasks so that they are charged and budgeted at the parent task or vice versa is all in a day's work.

The task functionality in the web client has been extended to cope with these scenarios and more, and the project targeting screen now also includes task status icons to give a clear and more intuitive targeting experience.

Create profitable estimates

Custom resource rates

Timemaster already handles changing staff costs due to overtime and salary adjustments. This release extends it to handle changing costs of self-employed consultants too.

We’ve added custom resource rate tables to accommodate sub-contractors working on different tasks at different costs and charge out fees.

This helps track the true cost of a project where you have agreed different fee rates with an associate according to a specific type of project, or even a range of different fee rates on a project at a task level.

Create profitable estimates

Custom enquiry fields

Being able to know which types of projects are the most profitable is key for most businesses. Timemaster already has great tools to help you plan, track profitability and easily see which of your projects are the most profitable.

Timemaster also has standard fields to help you describe a business so that you can report on it. With this release, we are extending the system to give you more fields to report against, by adding the ability for you to define your own project classifications.

You can now add up to 10 user defined fields to your project and then use these custom fields to filter your reports. For example, adding the market segment or industry to a project so you can report on which type of companies you do business with, makes it easier to keep on track and ultimately profitable.

This gives you deeper insight into where your most profitable business comes from and will help you make more informed decisions on the journey to growing your business.

Create profitable estimates

Latest platform support and new integration with Xero

We know it is important to support the latest platforms and applications with our products, so that we work with the technology you already own or are considering moving to.

This release has been tested on Windows 8.1 and with Internet Explorer 11 well ahead of their general availability, giving you confidence in your ongoing investment in Timemaster.

We’ve also added support for the popular online accounting package, Xero. Now all invoices generated in Timemaster can be exported to Xero at the touch of a button. Xero contacts are automatically created and existing contacts updated during the transfer.

Other great changes and fixes

There are various other new features added in response to users' requests, including a number of fixes.

All the enhancements above are available at no extra cost to all customers on an active support plan.

The Timemaster v3.2 update can be downloaded by registered users from here.

Timemaster User Guide


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