What's new in Timemaster

The summer update to Timemaster for users with a current Software Assurance contract is now available for download:

  • Windows client version 3.1.00
  • Web version 3.1.00
  • For use with Timemaster Database version 3.1.00 (TimemasterPatches_320 must already have been applied for this update, and that script requires the TimemasterPatches_314.zip script applied first)

Please note that users with Web 2.3.99 or earlier should upgrade to Timemaster version 3 first: see how.

Timesheet and expenses on the go

We are pleased to announce the addition of the Timemaster mobile app for secure timesheet and expense recording.

The mobile app is designed to facilitate easy time and expense recording for staff who spend the majority of their time away from their PCs. It can be used to capture data offline when Wi-Fi or mobile masts are out of range - performing a background sync once the smartphone is back in range. The Timemaster mobile app compliments the Timemaster web client to offer staff a secure choice to meet their time recording preference.

Productivity suggestions, like remembering your last timesheet or last journey, make the mobile app a more simple way to record time. Integration with the smartphone’s camera gives the option to capture receipts at the time the expense was incurred. This claim-as-you-go method takes the pain out of filing claims at the end of the week or project. Receipts don't get lost, and time and expenses are filed on time, making profitability views of your projects more accurate.

The Timemaster mobile app is available for addition to existing customer systems, and works with both Android and iPhone devices - making it compatible with a large number of smartphones in use today.

Get it on Google Play   Available on the App Store

Full details of the Timemaster mobile web service and installation guide are given in the release notes. Please contact sales@equisys.com for more details.

Timesheet and expenses on the go

Create profitable estimates

The new project estimates screen gives a single view for the profitability of an entire bid on screen. It includes tools to create and fine tune the quote for your speculative project, with up to date resource costs.

Access to previous quote revisions, alongside the current quote, helps keep track of the process and allows you to adjust probability forecasts accordingly. Bid managers approve each revision and choose whether to update the client fee, ahead of exporting the estimate included in your bid documentation. The current revision then feeds into the reporting to give wider visibility of the probability of winning speculative projects. This provides more accurate cash flow forecasts.

Once a speculative project is won it is immediately ready for detailed resourcing at the flick of a switch, saving time rekeying the tasks and stages of the project or any resources used to build the bid.

Project estimating is an enhancement to our resource planning module for Timemaster.

Create profitable estimates

Help is at hand

The Timemaster online help now includes a great new search feature to help you find the content you are looking for more quickly and efficiently.

Search on keywords or use wildcards to find topics. Or use the improved index which expands various topics alphabetically.

The online help is available within the software from the help menu.

Other great changes and fixes

There are various other new features added in response to users' requests, including a number of bug fixes.

Full details of the Timemaster mobile web service and installation guide are given in the release notes.

The update can be downloaded by registered users from here.

Timemaster User Guide


Time & expenses



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