What's new in Timemaster

The Easter update to Timemaster for users with a current Software Assurance contract is now available for download:

  • Windows client version 3.0.23
  • Web version 3.0.29
  • For use with Timemaster Database version 3.0.020 (TimemasterPatches_320 must already have been applied for this update, and that script requires the TimemasterPatches_314.zip script applied first)

Please note that users with Web 2.3.99 or earlier should upgrade to Timemaster version 3 first: see how.

Support of new platforms

There is new support of Internet Explorer 10 - across both Windows 7 and Windows 8. There is improved support for Chrome, too, with requests and approvals emails being prepared automatically for the user to send.

Timemaster's Windows client has been tested on Windows 8, and there are numerous other small improvements, along with a number of bug fixes. Support for Microsoft SQL Server 2000 is dropped with this release. Full details are given in the release notes.

The update can be downloaded by registered users from here.

Resource planning - Staff availability screenshot

Given below are details of what was new in the December release.

Better resource planning

The new staff availability screen has a stacked bar chart for each fee earner in every period, coloured according to their time allocation to absence, projects, speculative work and non-chargeable tasks. This makes it easier to identify who is best placed to work on a project task.

Additional columns have been added to the Gantt chart view of a project to show at a glance which tasks have resources allocated to them.

When resources are heavily loaded, you can now quickly extend the end date of a task while resourcing it, rather than having to return to the Gantt chart view for the project.

Resource planning - Staff availability screenshot

Easier for consultants and project managers

Fee earners are warned on their home page if they have an expense which has been rejected. For those working with paper receipts, any numbering of them for cross reference will now be shown in the expenses list.

A new project view compares the amount invoiced, the work in progress (WIP) and the forecasted remaining income with any project invoice limit. It's designed for companies who work on a time-charge basis and wish to monitor charges against an agreed limit.

Improved Gantt view screenshot

New reports for business owners

The Staff Productivity Report now shows how many hours each fee earner was available for and what proportion of those were spent on project work. There are traffic light indicators to highlight missed targets and drill-downs to see more detail.

A new Staff Chargeability Report shows the percentage of a fee earner's time that was chargeable over a series of periods, compared to target. It also analyses how non-chargeable time was spent.

Staff utilization rates screenshot
Other new reports and fixes

There is a new report showing the costs of all project and staff expenses and what each has been charged out at. There are various other new features added in response to users' requests and a number of bug fixes.

Full details are given in the release notes.

The update can be downloaded by registered users from here.

Fee income screenshot


Time & expenses



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