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Welcome to Zetadocs Expenses


Expense management for better business

Zetadocs Expenses is an expense management service that saves finance teams time by dispensing with spread sheets and the traditional paper based processing of business expenses incurred by staff.

Save time, gain control and reduce costs

Zetadocs Expenses provides centralized control over the capture, submission, approval and reimbursement of staff expenses. Costs can be kept to budget and company policies are enforced, such as the spending limit for each type of expense and allowable submission time. The software helps you recover more Value Added Tax (VAT) on expenses, while saving the time and costs of rekeying expense reports.

Submit and approve on any device

Entering, submitting and approving expenses is a breeze on popular browsers and the software will adapt automatically to different screen sizes. There’s no need to collect a pile of receipts any more as you can use mobile apps for phones and tablets to snap receipt photos as you go. Nothing gets forgotten and there's no scrambling around for receipts when its time to submit your expenses. Mobile apps support offline startup and use when Internet connection is not available, storing any changes on the device until they can be uploaded to the server.

Integrates with Dynamics 365 Business Central and NAV

Seamless integration with Dynamics 365 Business Central and NAV allows approved expense reports to be automatically exported without the need to rekey. Expenses are coded using business data, with the expense types that users select being mapped directly to general ledger codes. Once checked by finance, expense reports are automatically exported, separating out the VAT, if applicable, into the appropriate VAT Posting Groups.

Secure 24x7 access

To make life easier, we manage Zetadocs Expenses for you in Microsoft Azure. It's simple to connect up to, and there's reliable and safe access for travelling staff, wherever they go.

Highly scalable

No month-end bottlenecks: Microsoft Azure's cloud architecture lets us switch on more computing power whenever it's needed so that Zetadocs Expenses remains responsive even at busy times.