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Zetadocs Expenses provides Android and Apple (iOS) apps for phones, iPads and tablets, or you can browse safely using popular browsers on your PC.

Device settings are not normally modified and should only be changed on the advice of your administrator or support professional. Some settings are hidden when not applicable on PCs.

Server URL

This would not normally require modification and is set to by default.

Camera Image Quality

Here you can choose from five settings from very low to very high quality. It is recommended you stick with the default medium quality to help you conserve bandwidth on metered internet connections.

Fix incorrect picture orientation

Toggle this switch to flip the photos you take in landscape to portrait to make them more easily readable on PC screens.

Display Progress Information Messages

Toggle this setting to see additional messages on screen when system actions take place like when a data sync occurs.

Data Cache

Tapping the Clear Cache button clears all cached settings so that a fresh set of list values are cached when you next synchronize or choose to manually sync, using Refresh from the top right actions menu.

Server Check Interval (minutes)

Change this setting to force a more frequent check for new tasks. The recommended interval is every hour.

Status Screen Expense Report Viewing Window (days)

Change this setting to retrieve additional expense reports to view on your Status screen. The recommended period is 90 days.

Enable Troubleshooting Logs (for support use)

When advised, toggle this setting to create logs that help support troubleshoot issues.


This is the current version of the Zetadocs Expenses mobile app you are running.

Resetting the defaults

Tapping the Reset button will set the app back to default settings in case your modifications have undesired effects.