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Capture mileage expenses


When you tap the New Expense button on your Home screen you also have the option to create a new mileage expense. Mileage is an expense category to record business mileage travelled in a personal or company car. Journey distances entered are calculated using the vehicle type rates set by your system administrator.

Expense fields

The New Mileage screen comprises a number of fields for you to complete, some required by the system, some like notes are free text, and others that may have been defined by your system administrator. Most fields can be up to 255 characters long and can be edited up to the point that they are included on an approved expense report - plenty of space to justify the expenditure.

Route planning

Specify journey start and end points. Drag the defined route to customise the exact route taken. Let the software calculate the distance for you!

Type and Mileage Rate

Predefined list configured by your system administrator to categorise the type of mileage and rate.

Fuel used for business mileage

In some European countries, your employer may be able to reclaim the sales tax on the fuel used for business mileage. In these countries, you may be required to create fuel expenses using the payment expense option and attach a receipt as proof of the input sales tax paid.


Use the notes to help justify any mileage travelled for business.