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Get alerted via email when there are expense reports ready that you need to approve either in the office or on the go.

Managers get emails for any reports needing approval. Just click through to review expense reports with visual indicators for any expenses with policy warnings.

Approving expense reports

It’s painless to approve expense reports made by your staff with Zetadocs Expenses. You simply tap the Approve button to approve the report for further processing by the finance team. If policies to govern expense value limits have been set by the administrator, you’ll be automatically alerted to any policy warnings, allowing you to approve by exception by only delving into the individual expenses showing the warning icon.

Reports with rejected lines can still be approved. The rejections are returned to the submitter for correction.

Rejecting expense reports

Should you ever find the need to query the report, its just as simple to reject it by entering your query into the approval comments and tapping reject.

Don’t hold up the entire report; reject individual expense lines by drilling down into them and tapping the Reject button.

Your comments will be visible throughout the history of the expense report, included in the email sent to the individual, so that they are clear on why their report has been rejected.

Approving your own expenses

Staff with the approval role can approve their own expenses. This simplifies adoption by companies where the existing expense policy allows self-approval, and also helps with testing the system during initial implementation or after configuration changes.

Approvers who wish to approve their own expenses must still do this as a separate approval step, and the approval history on the expense report shows that this has happened to prevent misuse and ensure that company policies are being followed correctly.


Unsure about an expense report? Or is the total value above your sign-off limit? That’s no problem as you can simply tap More and delegate the report to an alternative approver.