Zetadocs for Microsoft Dynamics NAV presentation - Watch a presentation on how Zetadocs for NAV can improve sales order processing.

Zetadocs - Document management and delivery software

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Zetadocs for Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Zetadocs for NAV manages the production, delivery and archiving of NAV documents such as orders, invoices and statements. The mailing costs it saves and the earlier collections that result from using Zetadocs means that it offers a compelling return on investment.

The solution can be extended to capture emails, faxes and scanned documents from customers and suppliers. These key documents are stored in an electronic archive and linked automatically to their appropriate transactions in NAV. Delivering faster access than paper files and helping you improve the service you offer.

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Zetadocs for SalesLogix

Zetadocs for SalesLogix delivers customized sales and marketing documents directly from your CRM system by email and fax. This saves you time assembling and distributing sales literature and follow up material.

Zetadocs PDF integrates with Microsoft Office applications

Zetadocs PDF

Zetadocs PDF integrates with Microsoft Office applications, such as Word and Excel, so that documents like quotes and letters can be emailed securely and conveniently as PDFs. Mailmerge and automation commands help you save time sending personalized documents with overlays and attachments.

The product’s Outlook add-in allows you to convert email attachments to PDF, combining them into a single PDF or ZIP attachment for sending.